Expected Returns Issues

Expected Returns (July 2019)

The first half of 2019 ends up among the best years in the last 60. July includes the 9th birthday of our monthly webcast known as the Investing Round Table. The data conversion persists, including an expansion of small company coverage -- a natural and welcome quest at this time of year as we begin the hunt for this year's Best Small Companies.

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Expected Returns (June 2019)

After nearly fifteen years, it's time to admit that we're doing it wrong. Well, if not wrong, an opportunity to make our process and the resources at your fingertips BETTER. Join us as we expand coverage of smaller companies and divert to a source of data that will result in all companies being continuously updated and refreshed.

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Expected Returns (May 2019)

May includes the annual convention for the National Association of Investors ... Tin Cup soars on the wings of Qualcomm ...

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Expected Returns, April 2019

Some Round Table and Tin Cup favorites have fared quite well since the Great Recession -- bolstering performance and generating smiles.

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Expected Returns (March 2019)

Our current work-in-progress is some soul searching on the merits of Shark Tank Investing. Meanwhile, CVS Health swoons and dents (hopefully temporarily) Tin Cup and we revisit the best performing small cap/small company funds as sources of ideas.

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Expected Returns (February 2019)

Our Annual Stock Selection Challenge Issue. “A group of investors heeding the lessons of Graham, Babson and Nicholson has at least one leg up on the crowd and a better than average opportunity to generate exceptional returns.”

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Expected Returns (January 2019)

After a December To Remember, we're reminded to refrain from being surprised by price volatility. We remember the long term perspective, add Air Lease (AL) to Solomon Select and accumulate more AL shares for Tin Cup and press on.

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Expected Returns (December 2018)

The recent joint session with the American Association of Individual Investors and NAIC/Better Investing in Washington D.C. explored Founder's Wisdom and the lessons urged by James Cloonan and George Nicholson. Investing in Better Companies at Better Prices can deliver the potential for very rewarding results over the long term.

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Expected Returns (November 2018)

It's been four years since Mark and Ken started looking at the faster-growing Best Small Companies through the eyes of George Nicholson and the modern investment club movement. The selections have beaten the market for all four years (and 10 of last 13) while achieving a rate of return of 21.3% versus 9.7% for the Wilshire 5000 over that time frame. This month we screen for candidates, visit a fund or two that delivers small company performance results and add a fast-growing small company to ease the October pain for Tin Cup.

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Expected Returns (October 2018)

Don't sweat the sectors but the re-classification has affected companies like Amazon (AMZN), Apple (AAPL), Disney (DIS), Netflix (NFLX) and others. Tin Cup tops the market for September, extending the winning streak to (14) months. The Hunt For Red Chip October continues in earnest ...

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Expected Returns (September 2018)

The tracking portfolio for our monthly series of webcasts known as the Round Table continues to generate exceptional returns (18.8% annualized since inception in July 2010). While our mission is to share actionable ideas every month -- there’s also a fair amount of educational content, discussions and exploring. We’ve recently been building some selling disciplines (Better Selling For Better Portfolio Management) and the results have been compelling. During the August session, we continued to fine tune the portfolio and test some guidelines. Despite best intentions ... A Red Wedding erupted.

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Expected Returns, August 2018

Back to School. It's hard to believe but it's that time of year when we celebrate educators and outcomes. We'll revisit Smoothie investing, do some dashboard mechanics and launch more opportunities to learn and earn.

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Expected Returns, July 2018

8 Years. Join us on Tuesday, July 31 (8:30 PM ET) as we celebrate the 8th birthday of the Round Table -- our monthly FREE webcast where we share our favorite actionable ideas and explore investing together.

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Expected Returns, June 2018

A report on the results experienced by the Fave Five ... a complimentary mutual fund is added ... and Tin Cup has another market-beating month.

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Expected Returns, May 2018

Summer is Coming. A little spring cleaning for Tin Cup to boost overall return forecasts ... Sweet Sixteen screening results based on the time-honored Triple Play and a closer look at the performance of the weekly Fave Five series.

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Expected Returns, April 2018

Our annual look at a few things "Foolish" including a new fund, Motley Fool 100 (TMFC) ... some perspective on the efficacy of Value Line ... and another month of market-beating performance for Tin Cup.

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Expected Returns, March 2018

Over eight years since inception, our Round Table tracking portfolio checks in at 18.8% -- beating the Wilshire 5000 by 6-7 percentage points. The February Round Table session featured our annual awards -- swept by Kim Butcher and the audience. 2017 was very very good for the Round Table selections.

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Expected Returns, February 2018

It was a spectacular year for Groundhog Nation. Our contest participants brought home an average annual return of 30.6%! For context, the Wilshire 5000 (VTSMX) advanced a mere 22.4%. We have repeat champions in both the individual and group categories.

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Expected Returns, January 2018

Breaking News: Tin Cup Tops $2,000,000 ... we'll take a look at the performance of our tracking portfolios and update the Manifest 40 -- your most widely-followed stocks.

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Expected Returns, December 2017

Welcome to the time-honored community of QWARF. During a month where our Tin Cup demonstration portfolio was torrid and is approaching $2,000,000 -- we are reminded of the dimensions of discipline that guide our journey to investing success.

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