About Manifest Investing

The mission of Manifest Investing is to dramatically simplify the world of investing and to transform the experience of individual investors into something less mysterious, less stressful and more successful.

Through our web site, newsletter and seminars, Manifest Investing provides resources for research and portfolio management, as well as "coaching" to enable individual investors to learn how to become successful, strategic long-term investors.

MANIFEST analysis focuses less on where a stock or mutual fund has been -- and a whole lot more on where it seems to be headed. There are no "secret handshakes" and we'll never resort to hiding behind proprietary rating systems. The methods are open, transparent and any one can learn to use them.

A key differentiator is SIMPLICITY. We show investors how they easily can do this by understanding two key characteristics: (1) Projected Annual Returns and (2) Quality.

The methodology and approach has existed for several years, and some of the underlying concepts are among the most respected and successful in the world of investing. A number of participants have used the method for several years providing an experience base.

We think of our approach as "the end of rear-view mirror investing." Virtually every resource that the average investor has is based on past performance.

Conquer the fear of portfolio design and management. Learn to care for your portfolios using some simple guidelines. This leads to less anxiety and confusion. It also saves time.

"Wall Street" is obsessed with telling us how complicated all of this is – and we can't do this without them. We believe that anyone can achieve investing success whether collaborating with a financial professional or assuming the responsibility of doing-it-yourself.

We really do believe that anyone can do this.

General Manager Mark Robertson wrote an investment advisory newsletter from 1993-98 before serving as Senior Contributing Editor for Better Investing magazine from 1998-2004.