Cover Stories

Latest: Preserving Capital AND Capital Gains, by Mark Robertson on Jun 16, 2017
We think CAPITAL PRESERVATION and CAPITAL GAINS PRESERVATION both matter. This article provides an update of recent explorations and findings with respect to building a better selling discipline based on the time-honored precepts of the modern investment club movement.

Solomon's Selects

Latest: Akamai Technologies, by Mark Robertson on Jun 09, 2017
Long-term investors should have a look here. The competitive landscape is still in the early stages of a secular shift that places massive value on the security of its networks and information from an increasing rate of global cyber attacks. As larger quantities of data move to cloud-based platforms over the coming years, Akamai should be well positioned to reap the rewards. S&P sees AKAM as a takeover target.

Stock Screens

Latest: Sweet 16: Our Recipe Of Quality & Returns, by Mark Robertson on Jun 01, 2017
The screening results this month are based on the Manifest Rank but presented in the Fave Five format. Leadership quality companies with superior long term return forecasts. Expectations for the next year are provided courtesy of the analyst consensus (ACE), S&P and Goldman Sachs.

Model Portfolios

Latest: Tin Cup Model Portfolio, August 2017, by Mark Robertson on Aug 01, 2017
This month we accumulate Alliance Data Systems (ADS) as the $1.7 million milestone is attained on our way to $2 million.

Fund Manifests

Latest: Hoard vs. Herds, by Cy Lynch on Apr 01, 2012
Buy iShares DJ US Oil Equip (IEZ)

Funds & Featured Portfolios

Latest: iShares Morningstar Large Growth (JKE), by Mark Robertson on Dec 10, 2016
This month, we remind again that small-cap does not necessarily mean small company.

Discovery Clubs

Latest: Best Gifts Sometimes Come In Small Packages, by Ken Kavula on Dec 07, 2016
A great small company, in our estimation, should exhibit the same characteristics as great medium and large companies.


Latest: Analysis Across The Chasm, by Mark Robertson on Dec 02, 2016
During our stock studies, we are sometimes confronted with a Kobayashi Maru, a test that seems to defy a solution.


Latest: Divining Dashboards: Source of Ideas, by Ken Kavula on May 01, 2016
This month, we focus on dashboards of portfolios that you can access directly from the Manifest Investing site.


Latest: Manifest 40 Update, by Mark Robertson on Jul 01, 2014
This managed “tracking portfolio” of your collective favorites has outperformed the Wilshire 5000 by +2.8%.


Latest: Guide: Getting Started, by Kurt Kowitz on Jan 01, 2012
Step-by-step instructions on getting started with Manifest Investing.