Cover Stories

Latest: The Rains of Castamere?, by Mark Robertson on Aug 31, 2018
Better Selling. Our explorations to build selling disciplines based on the time-honored lessons of the modern investment club continues. The August Round Table featured some deployment of selling discipline that some might compare to an infamous Red Wedding. The rate of return since inception stands at 18.8% over the trailing eight years.

Solomon's Selects

Latest: BioSpecifics Technologies (BSTC), by Mark Robertson on Nov 01, 2019
The Investing Round Table audience seconded the nomination of BioSpecifics Technologies during the October 2019 session.

Stock Screens

Latest: Pass The Bleu Cheese, Please!, by Mark Robertson on Aug 31, 2020
Bleu cheese isn't for everybody. Some of the companies that pop up in this month's screening results aren't either ... as we take a break from Sweet Sixteens to expand our culinary horizons.

Model Portfolios

Latest: Tin Cup Demonstration Portfolio (April 2021), by Mark Robertson on Apr 01, 2021
Tin Cup surged to $3,854,819 continuing the advance (read surge) of the last several months. Rate of return since inception is now 15.3%.

Fund Manifests

Latest: Hoard vs. Herds, by Cy Lynch on Apr 01, 2012
Buy iShares DJ US Oil Equip (IEZ)

Funds & Featured Portfolios

Latest: Harvesting The January Effect, by Mark Robertson on Dec 01, 2018
As we've suggested before, the January Effect is real and starts in September and/or October. This anecdotal look at Invesco S&P SmallCap 600 Growth reveals the period of opportunity created by tax-related selling and its impact on smaller companies.

Discovery Clubs

Latest: Best Sources For Small Company Ideas, by Mark Robertson on Nov 10, 2017
We turn to the best long term performers among small company funds for sources of ideas ... the current leader board includes PRIMECAP Odyssey Aggressive Growth, T. Rowe Price New Horizons and Brown Capital Small Company.


Latest: MANIFEST 40 Update, by Mark Robertson on Sep 03, 2020
As we approach the 15th birthday of the Manifest Investing 40 most widely-followed stocks, we welcome Amazon (AMZN) and Disney (DIS) to the party.


Latest: Divining Dashboards: Source of Ideas, by Ken Kavula on May 01, 2016
This month, we focus on dashboards of portfolios that you can access directly from the Manifest Investing site.


Latest: Manifest 40 Update, by Mark Robertson on Jul 01, 2014
This managed “tracking portfolio” of your collective favorites has outperformed the Wilshire 5000 by +2.8%.


Latest: Guide: Getting Started, by Kurt Kowitz on Jan 01, 2012
Step-by-step instructions on getting started with Manifest Investing.