Stock Screens

Jul 01, 2019, Here For The Returns, by Mark Robertson
Some stocks to study with superior return forecasts per the analyst consensus include: Health Insurance Innovations (HIIQ), II-VI (IIVI), PetMed Express (PETS) and Urban Outfitters (URBN).

May 10, 2019, Omaha-Inspired Ownage, by Mark Robertson
Mark's first cut at a cheat sheet for the Chicago NAIC national convention.

Feb 02, 2019, Groundhog Conviction, by Mark Robertson
The consensus selections by the participating Groundhogs have consistently outperformed the stock market? What are the favorite selections this year?

Jan 09, 2019, Top Shelf & Double-Digit Growth, by Mark Robertson
This month's screening results include a number of long-time community favorites as fundamentals persist while prices swoon.

Nov 26, 2018, Irish Spring Eruption, by Mark Robertson
Our adaptation of one of the favorite screening techniques of Hugh McManus, shopping near periodic lows, yields a number of companies that have been discussed or nominated during several of the most recent monthly Round Table webcasts.

Nov 01, 2018, My Favorite Growth Screen, by Mark Robertson
This StockSearch puts faster-growing Best "Small" Companies at your fingertips, 365/24/7.

Sep 01, 2018, Triple Play Candidates, by Mark Robertson
The time-honored Triple Play screening approach yields a number of stocks for study including: Skechers (SKX), Booking (BKNG), LCI Industries (LCII), FaceBook (FB) and Tupperware (TUP).

Aug 14, 2018, Excellent Companies Near 52-Week Lows, by Mark Robertson
This month's screen is a search for companies trading near their 52-week low with excellent quality. McKesson (MCK), IPG Photonics (IPGP) and Signature Bank (SBNY) have all been featured and discussed during recent Round Table sessions.

Mar 01, 2018, Sweet 16: Screening Results, by Mark Robertson
For the February Round Table, some went looking for oversold opportunities or companies trading close to 52-week lows ... and certainly companies with favorable long term return forecasts.

Feb 12, 2018, Sweet 16: Screening Results, by Mark Robertson
The Heavy Hogs for 2017 generated an annual total return of 42.4%. Here's the consensus favorites from this year's contest.

Jan 01, 2018, Sweet 16: Our "Fave Sixteen", by Mark Robertson
For the Fave Five, we isolate companies with strong short and long-term expectations. This month, we use that criteria for our "Sweet 16."

Dec 11, 2017, Sweet 16: Triple Play, by Mark Robertson
This month we apply the Triple Play criteria to the 6000 stocks in the Value Line Investment Analyzer and come away a few ideas for food shopping: Alimentation Couche-Tard, Village Super Market and TreeHouse Foods.

Nov 01, 2017, Sweet 16: Growth Leaders , by Mark Robertson
For this month's screening results, we look beyond the Best Small Company restrictions on annual revenue to harvest a collection of study candidates with attractive return forecasts, excellent quality and double-digit growth rates. A number of them have been featured during monthly Round Table webcasts.

Sep 01, 2017, Sweet 16: Top Percentile Based on Quality and Long-Term Forecast, by Mark Robertson
Best returns and best quality? Take the top one percent of all covered stocks and blend in favorable outlooks for the next year. The featured stocks include Five Below (FIVE), General Electric (GE), Charles Schwab (SCHW), Akamai Technologies (AKAM) and Alliance Data Systems (ADS).

Jun 01, 2017, Sweet 16: Our Recipe Of Quality & Returns, by Mark Robertson
The screening results this month are based on the Manifest Rank but presented in the Fave Five format. Leadership quality companies with superior long term return forecasts. Expectations for the next year are provided courtesy of the analyst consensus (ACE), S&P and Goldman Sachs.

Dec 07, 2016, bivio Index: Most Widely-Held Stocks, by Mark Robertson
Our friends at bivio continuously publishes and maintains a list of the most widely-held stocks among club portfolios, known as the bivio Index

Dec 01, 2016, The View From Hugh, by Mark Robertson
This month’s Sweet 16 is a StockSearch result from Manifest Investing based on Hugh McManus’ criteria.

Oct 05, 2016, Sweet 16: The Promise of Growth, by Mark Robertson
We’re cheering this Round Table selection and hoping for strong results.

Jul 26, 2016, Sweet Sixteen, by Mark Robertson
This month features the top percentile of all stocks covered at Manifest Investing on the basis of a combination of return forecasts and quality.

Jun 01, 2016, Best Prices Vs. Fair Value: Morningstar, by Mark Robertson
Is the market cheap or expensive? We don’t really pay much attention to this, instead rendering that same opinion on a stock-by-stock basis as we hunt for quality companies at bargain prices.

May 01, 2016, Floating Back To Our Ivory Screen, by Mark Robertson
Simply put, the best companies (quality) that are potentially “on sale” (return forecast) as the ones that should merit further attention.

May 01, 2016, Round Table Hunting II, by Mark Robertson
The debate of growth vs. value strategies will never end. Some believe that carefully-selected growth will prevail while others point to the long-term results of value-based investors. We think they’re both right and actually practice both approaches.

Mar 01, 2016, Sweet 16: Round Table Hunting I, by Mark Robertson
It was the worst of times ... and then it was the best of times? The first quarter of 2016 was the most dismal in history for a few weeks.

Feb 01, 2016, Sweet 16, by Mark Robertson
In Search of "First Stage" Potential

Jan 01, 2016, Sweet Sixteen, by Mark Robertson
The Long & Short Of It