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Nov 10, 2017, Best Sources For Small Company Ideas, by Mark Robertson
We turn to the best long term performers among small company funds for sources of ideas ... the current leader board includes PRIMECAP Odyssey Aggressive Growth, T. Rowe Price New Horizons and Brown Capital Small Company.

Dec 07, 2016, Best Gifts Sometimes Come In Small Packages, by Ken Kavula
A great small company, in our estimation, should exhibit the same characteristics as great medium and large companies.

Dec 02, 2016, Gratitude For Green Thumbs, by Mark Robertson
“Anybody can do ‘this.’ We’ll show you how.”

Oct 31, 2016, LGI Homes, by Ken Kavula
LGIH is one of the nation’s fastest growing homebuilders. It was founded in 2003 in Texas and has been profitable every year since delivering over 11,000 homes.

Jul 31, 2016, Consolidated-Tomoka Land, by Ken Kavula
We like the idea of hunting down some actionable ideas among the most successful investors on our radar screen — seeking companies that aren’t on too many radar screens, yet.