Cover Stories

Aug 31, 2018, The Rains of Castamere?, by Mark Robertson
Better Selling. Our explorations to build selling disciplines based on the time-honored lessons of the modern investment club continues. The August Round Table featured some deployment of selling discipline that some might compare to an infamous Red Wedding. The rate of return since inception stands at 18.8% over the trailing eight years.

Nov 01, 2017, Best Small Companies (2017 & 2018), by Mark Robertson
Our Best Small Companies chosen one year ago delivered an average total return of 31.7% with five of them more than doubling. This annual feature now has an average total return of 15.2% over the last twelve years vs. 10.3% for the Wilshire 5000. What are the companies selected for the 2018 Best Small Companies?

Jun 16, 2017, Preserving Capital AND Capital Gains, by Mark Robertson
We think CAPITAL PRESERVATION and CAPITAL GAINS PRESERVATION both matter. This article provides an update of recent explorations and findings with respect to building a better selling discipline based on the time-honored precepts of the modern investment club movement.

Dec 15, 2016, Dow 20,000, by Mark Robertson
The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) crossed 1000 for the first time on 11/14/1972. Over the past 44 years, this group of stocks has delivered an annualized price appreciation of approximately 7%.

Nov 30, 2016, Best Small Companies, 2016, by Mark Robertson
We lamented the decision by Forbes to discontinue their annual Best Small Companies list last year. 36 years in the running, the list provided a number of actionable opportunities over the last couple of decades for many of us. That said, while sticking to their core criteria, we may have actually improved the discovery and screening process.

Oct 31, 2016, Analysis In The GAAP?, by Mark Robertson
We’ve received a number of inquiries about accounting variations and the impact on business model analysis and return forecasts. We took a look at the forecast profile for the MANIFEST 40 and reach the conclusion that the arguments are pretty close to a square dance on the head of a pin.

Jul 31, 2016, Nicholson’s Triple Play, by Mark Robertson
The triple play possibility occurs when you find a stock that is very depressed in price and also appears to be on the verge of substantially boosting its profit margins.

Jun 01, 2016, Go Small Or Go Home, by Mark Robertson
One of our touchstones is that all-of-the-above investing makes it more likely that your long-term investing experience will be successful and rewarding.

May 01, 2016, Relatively Better Selling?, by Mark Robertson
“The ability to select stocks, manage them over time and know when to sell them is incredibly difficult, even for professional fund managers.” -- Barry Ritholtz

Apr 01, 2016, First, Break The Rules..., by Mark Robertson
This month, we take a look at the track record of Motley Fool founder and rulebreaking leader, David Gardner.

Mar 01, 2016, When Crystal Balls Get Cloudy, by Mark Robertson
Do your best, but bear in mind that sometimes even your best efforts don’t deliver the desired results.

Feb 01, 2016, Excellence Broadly Repeated, by Mark Robertson
Congratulations to our new individual champion Groundhog, Anna Gombar of Holly, Michigan. Anna is joined by three-time group champion Broad Assets investment club of St. Louis.

Jan 01, 2016, Dogs of the Dow: Howling Again?, by Mark Robertson
What happens if we utilize total return forecasts (instead of current yield) to go shopping among the Dow stocks? What can we learn about 1-year time horizons?

Dec 01, 2015, Where Imagination Meets Vision, by Mark Robertson
“Put it before them briefly so they will read it, clearly so they will appreciate it, picturesquely so they will remember it and, above all, accurately so they will be guided by its light.” -- Joseph Pulitzer

Nov 01, 2015, 50 Best Small Companies, by Mark Robertson
This year as we do every year, we counsel investors to be vigilant for the Forbes list of the Best Small Companies for shopping ideas around the time of Halloween. This year, Forbes threw us a curveball.

Oct 01, 2015, Celebrating 10 Years of Favorites, by Mark Robertson
In the October 2005 issue, we launched the MANIFEST 40, built from the stocks that most frequently appear on subscriber dashboards, and this tracking dashboard has delivered a rate of return of 8.8% since inception.

Sep 01, 2015, The Best Is Yet To Come (Continued), by Mark Robertson
I knew it would happen. I just didn’t expect it to be so immediate. NVO triggered an alert and I received that nudge I needed.

Aug 01, 2015, The Best Is Yet To Come (Alerts!), by Mark Robertson
After a couple of challenging months on the personal side, we’ll return to our series of educational features that will probably provide yet another bolstering feature in support of our long-term investing efforts.

Jul 01, 2015, Strength In Numbers, by Mark Robertson
“It’s about creating strength in numbers ... finding common ground ... and supporting each other.” -- Jane Kim.

Jun 01, 2015, Where The Rubber Meets The Road, by Mark Robertson
An athlete can train all day, but the race is where the rubber meets the road and they’ll know how good they really are.

May 01, 2015, The Art of Stock Picking, by Kim Butcher
Finding stocks and especially faster-growing and smaller company stocks with the potential to become great investments is an art.

Apr 01, 2015, Things That Matter: Staying Foolish, by Mark Robertson
It’s been ten years since we featured David Gardner’s speech on “Once Upon A Time in the Land of Investing” on these pages. April is their turf and the month should be a celebration of thoughtful investing.

Mar 01, 2015, Dawns of Awakening Redux, by Mark Robertson
Several years into what has proved to be something of a secular bull market, we find that many investors around us are sad. Confused. Frustrated.

Feb 01, 2015, Invest With Your Friends, by Mark Robertson
The expression is more than a motto coined by our colleagues over at It serves to focus a community of long-term investors as we seek and share success while leaning on each other to bolster long-term perspectives.

Jan 01, 2015, We Hope You Dance, by Mark Robertson
We close our first ten years at Manifest Investing with a celebration of the dance.