Bucket List: Alaska Cruise

Perspectives, by Mark Robertson, Managing Partner

Posted on December 1st, 2015

Wall Street On Water

Chalk this one up to the bucket list.

For some of you seeking vacation ideas for 2016, a cruise from Seattle to Alaska may be just what you’re looking for.

For others, it just might be that perfect Christmas present for your family member that you’ve been looking for.

For me (Mark here) it’s the opportunity to visit and teach in the 50th of 50 states, Alaska. Ask your friends and family who have been on this or similar cruises. The feedback we’ve received is that it’s highly recommended and something they’d probably do again.

The Puget Sound volunteers for NAIC took a “test drive” last year and used the lessons learned to put together a solid learn-while-cruising experience for this year’s participants.

Manifest Investing will offer a number of classes during the voyage covering the wide spectrum of investing, sharing experiences and taking advantage of the opportunity to spend quality time with our community of investors.

The educator lineup is still taking shape but Christi Powell, Financial Planner from Oklahoma City is among the teachers. If you’ve not heard Christi speak or teach on retirement and estate topics, you’d be in for quite a treat. My wife, Wendy, will be along on the adventure and we look forward to spending time with many of you on the Pacific waters. Give Amy Ross a call for more details. Tell them Manifest Investing sent you and we’d be happy to field questions or suggestions about topics and agenda at manifest@manifestinvesting.com For now, back to the bucket list and Christmas shopping. Land Ho Ho Ho.


Mark Robertson

Mark Robertson is founder and managing partner of Manifest Investing, a source for research and portfolio management focusing on strategic long term investors.

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