Authors: Mark Robertson

Jan 01, 2018, Tin Cup Demonstration Portfolio (January 2018)
Tin Cup delivered a total return of 29.4% in 2017. As total assets approach $2,000,000 at year-end, the portfolio-centered discipline sells Microsoft and Under Armour -- and adds Priceline to the demonstration dashboard.

Jan 01, 2018, Sweet 16: Our "Fave Sixteen"
For the Fave Five, we isolate companies with strong short and long-term expectations. This month, we use that criteria for our "Sweet 16."

Dec 11, 2017, Sweet 16: Triple Play
This month we apply the Triple Play criteria to the 6000 stocks in the Value Line Investment Analyzer and come away a few ideas for food shopping: Alimentation Couche-Tard, Village Super Market and TreeHouse Foods.

Dec 01, 2017, Tin Cup Demonstration Portfolio (December 2017)
We give thanks for November gains for Tin Cup. The rate of return (since inception in 1995) is now 14.5%, and this retirement account balance is approaching $2,000,000. This month we sell Mesa Labs (MLAB) and buy Jazz Pharma (JAZZ).

Nov 10, 2017, Best Sources For Small Company Ideas
We turn to the best long term performers among small company funds for sources of ideas ... the current leader board includes PRIMECAP Odyssey Aggressive Growth, T. Rowe Price New Horizons and Brown Capital Small Company.

Nov 06, 2017, Cambrex (CBM)
Cambrex (CBM) is the #1 company in our Best Small Companies for 2018. The pharmaceutical development supplier is a world class company depended on by the likes of Gilead Sciences, et al.

Nov 01, 2017, Sweet 16: Growth Leaders
For this month's screening results, we look beyond the Best Small Company restrictions on annual revenue to harvest a collection of study candidates with attractive return forecasts, excellent quality and double-digit growth rates. A number of them have been featured during monthly Round Table webcasts.

Nov 01, 2017, Tin Cup Model Portfolio (November 2017)
The rate of return for Tin Cup (since inception in 1995) is now 14.2%, beating matching investments in the Wilshire 5000 by +6.9 percentage points. This month we accumulate Gentex (GNTX).

Nov 01, 2017, Best Small Companies (2017 & 2018)
Our Best Small Companies chosen one year ago delivered an average total return of 31.7% with five of them more than doubling. This annual feature now has an average total return of 15.2% over the last twelve years vs. 10.3% for the Wilshire 5000. What are the companies selected for the 2018 Best Small Companies?

Oct 01, 2017, General Electric (GE)
"GE is loathed but it's not likely to disappear." -- Hugh McManus. We've seen this movie before as Round Table participants and attendees witnessed strong gains in Amazon, Walgreen, Southwest Airlines and Bank of America.

Oct 01, 2017, Tin Cup Model Portfolio (October 2017)
Tin Cup: Performance Update. After gaining and passing $1,700,000 a few short months ago, the portfolio topped $1,800,000 during September.

Sep 28, 2017, AdvisorShares Focused Equity (CWS)
After beating the S&P 500 in 8 of the last 10 years, it looks like a photo finish for 2017 for Eddy Elfenbein and his Buy List-based ETF as the 4th quarter of 2017 unfolds.

Sep 13, 2017, FleetCor Technologies (FLT)
Forbes publishes a list of the 100 Most Innovative Companies in the world. FleetCor Technologies (FLT) is part of that list and Ken Kavula presented the company at the August Round Table. It is also noteworthy that FLT qualifies as a triple play screening candidate (high return forecast, better profitability and better P/E ratios in the long-term forecast.)

Sep 01, 2017, Tin Cup Model Portfolio (September 2017)
Another solid month for Tin Cup as August performance outpaced the Wilshire 5000. Since inception (1994), the rate of return is 13.9% versus 7.0% for the total stock market.

Sep 01, 2017, Sweet 16: Top Percentile Based on Quality and Long-Term Forecast
Best returns and best quality? Take the top one percent of all covered stocks and blend in favorable outlooks for the next year. The featured stocks include Five Below (FIVE), General Electric (GE), Charles Schwab (SCHW), Akamai Technologies (AKAM) and Alliance Data Systems (ADS).

Aug 01, 2017, Tin Cup Model Portfolio, August 2017
This month we accumulate Alliance Data Systems (ADS) as the $1.7 million milestone is attained on our way to $2 million.

Jul 11, 2017, Tin Cup Model Portfolio
The Tin Cup model portfolio outperformed the Wilshire 5000 during June, continuing a string of stronger performance. Cognizant Technology (CTSH) has been kind to many of our portfolios. Decisions: Accumulate CVS Health (CVS). Sell C.H. Robinson (CHRW). Buy Alliance Data Systems (ADS).

Jun 16, 2017, Preserving Capital AND Capital Gains
We think CAPITAL PRESERVATION and CAPITAL GAINS PRESERVATION both matter. This article provides an update of recent explorations and findings with respect to building a better selling discipline based on the time-honored precepts of the modern investment club movement.

Jun 09, 2017, Akamai Technologies
Long-term investors should have a look here. The competitive landscape is still in the early stages of a secular shift that places massive value on the security of its networks and information from an increasing rate of global cyber attacks. As larger quantities of data move to cloud-based platforms over the coming years, Akamai should be well positioned to reap the rewards. S&P sees AKAM as a takeover target.

Jun 01, 2017, Sweet 16: Our Recipe Of Quality & Returns
The screening results this month are based on the Manifest Rank but presented in the Fave Five format. Leadership quality companies with superior long term return forecasts. Expectations for the next year are provided courtesy of the analyst consensus (ACE), S&P and Goldman Sachs.

Jun 01, 2017, Tin Cup Model Portfolio
May continued to be a solid month for Tin Cup, gaining +1.40% and bringing the 5-year trailing rate of return to 11.6%. Decisions: Accumulate Polaris (PII), but Sell Cerner (CERN) and replace with Under Armour (UAA) to restore overall portfolio PAR to 11.4%.

May 01, 2017, Tin Cup Model Portfolio
April was a very good month for the Tin Cup demonstration, advancing +4.47%. The monthly contribution was invested in QCOM but the overall portfolio PAR dictated a sale of NVO and accumulation of AL and PII to bolster the overall return forecast.

Dec 15, 2016, Dow 20,000
The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) crossed 1000 for the first time on 11/14/1972. Over the past 44 years, this group of stocks has delivered an annualized price appreciation of approximately 7%.

Dec 10, 2016, GlaxoSmithKline
Under new leadership, and with the Novartis deals and emphasis on vaccines underway, GSK has a +80.8% uptick in the crystal ball right now.

Dec 10, 2016, iShares Morningstar Large Growth (JKE)
This month, we remind again that small-cap does not necessarily mean small company.