Authors: Mark Robertson

Jun 01, 2020, Tin Cup Demonstration Portfolio (June 2020)
Following in Round Table Portfolio-Centered footsteps, CVS Health *CVS), Simulations Plus (SLP) and Alliance Data Systems (ADS) were sold. New positions started in Abbvie (ABBV) and EPAM Systems (EPAM). Shares accumulated in Air Lease (AL), Schwab (SCHW), Align Technology (ALGN), and Jazz Pharma (JAZZ).

Apr 01, 2020, Tin Cup Demonstration Portfolio (April 2020)
March 2020 ranks as one of the most challenging months in decades for Tin Cup. Boosting the overall portfolio PAR versus the median market forecast becomes Job One while we're sheltering ...

Jan 01, 2020, Tin Cup Demonstration Portfolio (January 2020)
Not all Decembers are created equal. Think back to the carnage from December 2018. From the stock market low on Christmas Eve 2018 ... Tin Cup has gained 37.5% since hearing the bells on that unsettling Christmas Eve. Accumulate Google (GOOG).

Nov 01, 2019, BioSpecifics Technologies (BSTC)
The Investing Round Table audience seconded the nomination of BioSpecifics Technologies during the October 2019 session.

Nov 01, 2019, Commence Sharing of Actionable Ideas
During the month of October, we carefully search for small company ideas for the next year’s Best Small Companies list.

Nov 01, 2019, Tin Cup Demonstration Portfolio (November 2019)
Tin Cup has now regained 22.4% over the trailing 10 months ... outpacing the Wilshire 5000.

Aug 01, 2019, Tin Cup Demonstration Portfolio (August 2019)
Tin Cup advanced +5.5% during July 2019. Charles Schwab (SCHW) was accumulated.

Jul 01, 2019, Tin Cup Demonstration Portfolio (July 2019)
"Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad." -- Meat Loaf. After a choppy 3-month run, June turns in one of the best months ever for Tin Cup. This month we set Qualcomm free, accumulate Air Lease and purchase Charles Schwab and Align Technology.

Jul 01, 2019, Here For The Returns
Some stocks to study with superior return forecasts per the analyst consensus include: Health Insurance Innovations (HIIQ), II-VI (IIVI), PetMed Express (PETS) and Urban Outfitters (URBN).

Jun 01, 2019, Tin Cup Demonstration Portfolio (June 2019)
April was sweet. May was the opposite. April showers didn't bring May flowers ... more like sludge. On the bright side, we get more ice cream ...

May 10, 2019, Omaha-Inspired Ownage
Mark's first cut at a cheat sheet for the Chicago NAIC national convention.

May 01, 2019, Tin Cup Demonstration Portfolio (May 2019)
It's Blind Side all over again as Qualcomm considerably bolsters the Tin Cup portfolio during April.

Apr 01, 2019, Tin Cup Demonstration Portfolio (April 2019)
The stock market trauma seems to have abated as the portfolio continued its gains since Christmas Eve and the portfolio total assets now hover closer to the $2,000,000 level. Tin Cup has an annualized total return of 14.7% since March 2009. What are some of the strongest contributors over the last ten years?

Mar 01, 2019, Tin Cup Demonstration Portfolio (March 2019)
Un-Healthy Uncertainty. The blending of CVS Health and Aetna delivers considerable turbulence during February. Shares of Booking (BKNG) are accumulated. The long term rate of return is 13.2% for Tin Cup.

Feb 02, 2019, Groundhog Conviction
The consensus selections by the participating Groundhogs have consistently outperformed the stock market? What are the favorite selections this year?

Feb 01, 2019, TJX Companies
Ken Kavula (and the audience) selected TJX Companies during the January Round Table citing its steady track record and exceptional financial strength and citing a propensity to cater quite well to people who shop for the sport of it.

Feb 01, 2019, Tin Cup Demonstration Portfolio (February 2019)
Tin Cup snapped back to approach $2,000,000 as January 2019 checked out as the best first month of the year since 1987. Yes, Virginia, since October, this has been a YoYo “Walk-The-Dog” market.

Jan 09, 2019, Top Shelf & Double-Digit Growth
This month's screening results include a number of long-time community favorites as fundamentals persist while prices swoon.

Jan 01, 2019, Tin Cup Demonstration Portfolio (January 2019)
A December To Remember. Bear markets come and go but after the devastation that was the 4th quarter of 2018, we're reminded of the dismal days of 2008-2009 and the prosperous years that followed. This month we accumulate Solomon Select feature Air Lease (AL).

Jan 01, 2019, Air Lease (AL)
Air Lease (AL) is now 23rd in the MANIFEST 40, a five-time selection for the monthly Round Table webcasts and with an elevated return forecast and a price below book value, our selection for January 2019.

Dec 01, 2018, Tin Cup Demonstration Portfolio (December 2018)
Tin Cup had a much better month. The progress restored during November was a welcome relief to the gruesome angst of an October to forget. Total assets soared at month-end to make the last (12) months -- as challenging as they’ve been -- a little more palatable. We note that the year-over-year gain is still $79,932 during a most difficult general stock market.

Dec 01, 2018, Harvesting The January Effect
As we've suggested before, the January Effect is real and starts in September and/or October. This anecdotal look at Invesco S&P SmallCap 600 Growth reveals the period of opportunity created by tax-related selling and its impact on smaller companies.

Nov 26, 2018, Irish Spring Eruption
Our adaptation of one of the favorite screening techniques of Hugh McManus, shopping near periodic lows, yields a number of companies that have been discussed or nominated during several of the most recent monthly Round Table webcasts.

Nov 01, 2018, Tin Cup Demonstration Portfolio (November 2018)
We’d been thrilled with the steady gains of the last 14-15 months and probably should have remained silent and satisfied. Because we jinxed Tin Cup. After over a year of market-beating performance, October was frightfully cruel to the Tin Cup total assets balance as the worst one month swoon since the inception of the model portfolio ...

Nov 01, 2018, My Favorite Growth Screen
This StockSearch puts faster-growing Best "Small" Companies at your fingertips, 365/24/7.