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Posted on January 1st, 2015

This month, we revisit the stock screening capabilities at Manifest Investing.

Navigating To The Stock Screener

The Clubhouse is for sharing features and tips & tricks … based on your feedback and favorite resources. The return forecast, or projected annual return (PAR) is one of the two primary characteristics for any investment. The other is quality. Over the long term, discovering and diligently watching high-quality companies for buying opportunities is the stuff of superior performance. This month, we revisit the stock screening capabilities at Manifest Investing.

Our tour of the menu bar at the top of the Manifest Investing homepage continues this month. We ended last month with the My Studies section on the Research tab so we’re now moving to the StockSearch tab. Searching for great stocks to study was the topic of the first two columns in this series (April 2014 and May 2014). Since then, the site has been refreshed and the tab looks a little different (see accompanying image from site navigation bar)

Notice that you can now access saved searches and manage them if you choose! A StockSearch is saved when you give it a name. The tab shows I have two saved stock searches, Standard and Very High Quality. When I click on either of the saved searches, it appears immediately on the screen as shown in the accompanying figure.

Stock Screening: Display of Results and Settings. The results of any search are displayed from highest to lowest return forecast (PAR or projected annual return). The right side bar displays the search characteristics and settings that were used to produce the screening results. The criteria can be adjusted to reduce or increase the population of results to generate an appropriately sized shopping list. Remember, screening results are the start of a process that includes audit and verification of assumptions and judgments.

Save Your Favorite Settings. You can retain your best search criteria and make adjustments to them as you see fit.

If you’re not pleased with the saved criteria, you have the option of revising the search. Just click on the right where I have circled. To manage a long list of searches, click on the Manage Searches choice on the tab.

Notice that a grid now appears for each saved stock search. You may now delete or edit the search. You can also launch any of your searches from this grid as well by clicking search.

Next month we’ll dive into the Forum and other places you can go from the Home Page.

Ken kavula

Ken Kavula

Ken Kavula is a retired educator and successful long-term investor. Ken has served in a number of leadership positions for the National Association of Investors and is active in four investment clubs. Welcome to the Clubhouse. Subscribers are invited to share their favorite experiences, suggest best practices and most importantly, let us know “What’s on your mind?” What topics and questions do you have? We all get better when we do this together. Email Ken at

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