Expected Returns, Jun 2014

This month we are reminded to focus on growth, profitability and valuation ... and that it's easier (and more fun) with friends. Our investing community is a source of ideas and support for the marathon.

Have Fun Storming The Castle by Mark Robertson Jun 01, 2014

Storm the castle. But we’re pretty well convinced that it’s more fun — with higher probability of success — when you do it with friends and community.

CaesarStone by Mark Robertson Jun 01, 2014

With the renovation and repair industry gaining traction after an extended doldrum, CSTE could be the type of company that benefits from the renaissance.

Hoard vs. Herd by Mark Robertson Jun 01, 2014


Sweet 16 by Mark Robertson Jun 01, 2014

Returning To Our Favorite Soapy Screen

Tin Cup Model Portfolio by Mark Robertson Jun 01, 2014

Accumulate Urban Outfitters

Drilling Into Milestone Judgments by Ken Kavula Jun 01, 2014

It’s so important to understand that Manifest is incorporating future estimates into its PAR values. This keeps our analysis looking forward – exactly where we want to be headed.