Expected Returns, April 2014

This month we take a look back at a Lost Decade and a prescient forecast by Ralph Acampora made back in October 2001.

Another Shining Moment by Mark Robertson Apr 01, 2014

If you’ve been around here as a subscriber for a while you may have heard or read about this before. For me, it was one of those etched moments during a few decades of investing. They don’t happen all that often but this one has been indelible.

Cognizant Technology by Mark Robertson Apr 01, 2014

Some might say that we’re stuck in a rut. Perhaps. But it’s a really good rut. We’ve selected CTSH on four previous occasions over the last nine years or so and we haven’t been disappointed.

Fund Analysis: Hoard vs Herd by Mark Robertson Apr 01, 2014

Accumulate BLDRS Emerging Mkts 50

Sweet 16 by Mark Robertson Apr 01, 2014

In Search of Opportunity and Opinions

Tin Cup Model Portfolio by Mark Robertson Apr 01, 2014

Sell LLTC, Buy V, Accumulate MELI and URBN

Powerful But Simple Screening by Ken Kavula Apr 01, 2014

Last month we introduced a new feature for the monthly e-newsletter, The Clubhouse. We’ll be sharing features and tips & tricks based on your feedback and favorite resources.