Investing Round Table (July 2021)

Date: Tuesday, July 27 · 8:30 PM - 9:45 PM EDT
Location: Online

ELEVEN YEARS! Join us as we launch our 12th season. 623 purchase decisions since July 2010. Our annualized rate of return since 7/30/2010 stands at 18.9% — topping the Wilshire 5000 by some five percentage points.

Our knights include Ken Kavula, Cy Lynch, Hugh McManus and Mark Robertson with frequent guest damsel Kim Butcher. Other guest knight and damsel contributors over the years have included Herb Lemcool, Susan Maciolek, Anne Manning, Matt Spielman, and the late Nick Stratigos with production support from Dan Horinek, Natalie Kavula and Kurt Kowitz. We’re grateful for the audience contributions, participation and attendance since inception, too.

The July session will revisit a few favorite themes and moments and will include a handful of our favorite, current, actionable study ideas.