Let's Talk Stocks

Date: Friday, November 13 · 3:00 PM - 4:15 PM EST
Location: Online

Featuring Kim Butcher, Pat Donnelly, Ken Kavula, Herb Lemcool, Cy Lynch, Hugh McManus, Mark Robertson…

What happens when you gather seven of the best Stockpickers in our community on a single panel and ask them for great ideas? If you are lucky and listening hard you might get some of the best ideas in your investing career. Past panels have brought you winners like NEOG, ILMN, SLP, VEEV and ARNA. We hope some of you listened last fall as STNE, FIVE and EPAM were presented as great ideas for investing. What will we hear this year? We don’t guarantee all winners but we do think you will be entertained and informed. Join us and listen carefully!