Investing Round Table (June 2020)

Date: Tuesday, June 30 · 8:30 PM - 9:45 PM EDT
Location: Online

Join us for our Round Table, a monthly session name your favorite stock right now in true round table fashion.

The stocks selected for this program over the last nine years and eleven months have collectively beaten the Wilshire 5000 by approximately 7 percentage points. The absolute rate of return is 17.8%. We seek actionable opportunities to study and pursue.

The agenda is likely to include continued emphasis on restoring the portfolio PAR to a level sufficiently above the median market return forecast … and if stock prices keep soaring, we might take advantage of the momentum to capture out-sized gains on some of the positions.

The round table knights include small company champion and Mid-Michigan Director Ken Kavula; Cy (MythBuster) Lynch; pharmaceutical scientist Hugh McManus; and Manifest Investing’s Mark Robertson who will analyze their favorite stocks. The team will be identifying companies positioned for strong performance and share some ideas about their potential.