Investing Round Table (May 2019)

Date: Tuesday, May 28 · 8:30 PM - 9:45 PM EDT
Location: Online

We will hold an interim version of the Round Table LIVE at the 2019 NAIC National Convention in Chicago, Illinois. But that’ll be just a warmup for the real enchilada on May 28. As we do every month, our cadre of stock selection knights will share some of their best current ideas while maintaining a tracking portfolio of monthly selections that now spans nearly nine years. Knights and Damsels participating this month are Kim Butcher, Ken Kavula, Cy Lynch, Hugh McManus and Mark Robertson. The Round Table tracking portfolio has beaten the Wilshire 5000 since inception by 5-6 percentage points. The annualized rate of return is 17.8%.

Stocks likely to be discussed include: Air Lease (AL), Schwab (SCHW), II-VI (IIVI) and Regeneron Pharma (REGN).