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I really and truly can't adequately express how much the MANIFEST style of disseminating stock information and evaluation of same has actually made investing fun, no more sleepless nights for this investor. I've thrown away my bottles of sleeping pills. I have been investing since 1984 joining an investment club at that time. We disbanded in 2002. If we had Manifest Investing in that time period, we most likely would still be in operation.

- Evelyn C.

Great that you're branching out ... a good investing mind is more accessible to more people. Manifest Investing looks clean and easy ... consistent with your message about investing, too.

- David Gardner

As a long-term investor, I'm finding www.manifestinvesting.com to be extremely useful - in fact, I've come to rely on it.

- Nancy I.

As a beginning investor, this site has been an invaluable resource for me. Every time that I visit this site I gain more experience and confidence about investing. It not only explains things clearly, but it also has helped confirm that some of my stock picks are on track. And it also has helped with suggestions and ideas for future stock picks.

-Lee J. B.

I'm still amazed at how useful Manifest Investing is. I'm enjoying it immensely.

- John F.

... www.manifestinvesting.com is a jewel. It sure does simplify portfolio management and stock selection. Great job!

- D.S.

Wow. My decision to subscribe was instantaneous. It's as if a lifelong fog of confusion and fear was lifted in less than 60 seconds after viewing my portfolio dashboard. Within the next five minutes, I now understand more about investing than I had in the last 30 years.

-Tom K.

I found the site very useful in stock research and qualifying.

- Dora H.

During my first exploration of the site, it only took two minutes to see it made sense and represented good value for me in my investing efforts.

- Doug L.

I am finding your site very interesting and informative. Creating a dashboard with my own portfolio was a real eye-opener.

- Elissa B.

I've spent the evening playing at the site - and I am really struck with how terrific it is! I've even had my husband (retired electrical engineer who has forever refused to take any interest in my investment club adventures) exploring the site with me. I asked him to use one of his calculators for figuring sales growth forecast from the figures in Value Line. He reviewed several articles and thought the industry features in Fundamental Forecasts was one of the best investing references he'd ever seen.

- Judy K.

As I have learned more about the dashboard in the past few months, I have grown more enthusiastic. But now I am convinced it is the best portfolio management tool for me and I look forward to making *intelligent* improvements in the coming months.

- Henry F.

Manifest Investing is well on its way to becoming a new 21st century center of excellence for investment education. I guess I already knew this, but I must say, it became crystal clear to me today. That is why I like the site and respect your efforts. True to the Nicholson concepts. Keep up the good work.

- Bruce W.

I do in fact enjoy Manifest Investing and look forward to each issue. I mention it whenever I discuss investments. I've purchased stocks after researching them as a result of the stock features.

- Richard J.

I have every confidence that my subscription will be worth every penny. So thanks guys - for all you have done in the past... and for continuing to apply your time and effort on investing education in an understandable, affordable, and very accessible way.

- Jill P.

I'm also interested in the mutual fund analysis. The MANIFEST approach is much different than anything I've seen before. The mutual fund articles are a breath of fresh air. I would recommend anyone interested in mutual funds to discover the MANIFEST approach to evaluating mutual funds.

- Bill B.

We are BIG Fans. We really have enjoyed Mark Robertson's articles and miss your contributions to Better Investing. We have been using Mark's Quality Rating (and have introduced others to it) and emphasizing quality has really improved our stock picking.