Expected Returns (February 2021)

Groundhog XIV (2020) featured spectacular returns -- one of the few things that went right with the year-that-most-of-us-would-like-to-forget. The average return for 2020 was 49.7% as individual champion Andrew Spector and group leaders, Orange County Model Club, led a group of achievers who raised the all-time annualized total return to 16.1%.

Tin Cup Demonstration Portfolio (February 2021) by Mark Robertson Feb 01, 2021

Got Milk? Gimme (More) Shelter. The trailing 5-year rate of return for the demonstration portfolio checks in at 19.8% as the long term relative return is now five percentage points. This month we accumulate a2 Milk (ACOPF) and M.D.C. Holdings (MDC).