Expected Returns (September 2020)

We've introduced Bull Sessions -- our weekly (Tuesday at 2 PM ET) webcast -- amidst some enthusiasm over the topics and themes that we'll explore. Tin Cup blasts to new all-time highs during this Derecho honey badger market.

Pass The Bleu Cheese, Please! by Mark Robertson Aug 31, 2020

Bleu cheese isn't for everybody. Some of the companies that pop up in this month's screening results aren't either ... as we take a break from Sweet Sixteens to expand our culinary horizons.

Tin Cup Demonstration Portfolio (September 2020) by Mark Robertson Sep 01, 2020

Breaking Breathtaking. Tin Cup surged to $2,760,485 following a nosebleed-inducing climb from the March lows. The rate of return since inception is now 14.1%. Trim Booking (BKNG) and buy British American Tobacco (BTI).

MANIFEST 40 Update by Mark Robertson Sep 03, 2020

As we approach the 15th birthday of the Manifest Investing 40 most widely-followed stocks, we welcome Amazon (AMZN) and Disney (DIS) to the party.