Expected Returns (December 2018)

The recent joint session with the American Association of Individual Investors and NAIC/Better Investing in Washington D.C. explored Founder's Wisdom and the lessons urged by James Cloonan and George Nicholson. Investing in Better Companies at Better Prices can deliver the potential for very rewarding results over the long term.

Harvesting The January Effect by Mark Robertson Dec 01, 2018

As we've suggested before, the January Effect is real and starts in September and/or October. This anecdotal look at Invesco S&P SmallCap 600 Growth reveals the period of opportunity created by tax-related selling and its impact on smaller companies.

Irish Spring Eruption by Mark Robertson Nov 26, 2018

Our adaptation of one of the favorite screening techniques of Hugh McManus, shopping near periodic lows, yields a number of companies that have been discussed or nominated during several of the most recent monthly Round Table webcasts.

Tin Cup Demonstration Portfolio (December 2018) by Mark Robertson Dec 01, 2018

Tin Cup had a much better month. The progress restored during November was a welcome relief to the gruesome angst of an October to forget. Total assets soared at month-end to make the last (12) months -- as challenging as they’ve been -- a little more palatable. We note that the year-over-year gain is still $79,932 during a most difficult general stock market.