Expected Returns (November 2018)

It's been four years since Mark and Ken started looking at the faster-growing Best Small Companies through the eyes of George Nicholson and the modern investment club movement. The selections have beaten the market for all four years (and 10 of last 13) while achieving a rate of return of 21.3% versus 9.7% for the Wilshire 5000 over that time frame. This month we screen for candidates, visit a fund or two that delivers small company performance results and add a fast-growing small company to ease the October pain for Tin Cup.

My Favorite Growth Screen by Mark Robertson Nov 01, 2018

This StockSearch puts faster-growing Best "Small" Companies at your fingertips, 365/24/7.

Tin Cup Demonstration Portfolio (November 2018) by Mark Robertson Nov 01, 2018

We’d been thrilled with the steady gains of the last 14-15 months and probably should have remained silent and satisfied. Because we jinxed Tin Cup. After over a year of market-beating performance, October was frightfully cruel to the Tin Cup total assets balance as the worst one month swoon since the inception of the model portfolio ...