Expected Returns, August 2018

Back to School. It's hard to believe but it's that time of year when we celebrate educators and outcomes. We'll revisit Smoothie investing, do some dashboard mechanics and launch more opportunities to learn and earn.

Coherent (COHR) by Ken Kavula Aug 01, 2018

Ken Kavula selected Coherent (COHR) during the July Round Table. The company appeared in his Ivory Soap screen, the Better Investing SSGPlus Small/Value Companies and the Value Line screening tools.

Smooth Investing -- After Four Years by Mark Robertson Aug 14, 2018

Smoothie investing is all about the balance between stalwart blue chips and rapidly-growing companies. This tracking portfolio, bolstered by Amazon, Visa and Apple has racked up a 13.5% rate of return over the trailing four years.

Excellent Companies Near 52-Week Lows by Mark Robertson Aug 14, 2018

This month's screen is a search for companies trading near their 52-week low with excellent quality. McKesson (MCK), IPG Photonics (IPGP) and Signature Bank (SBNY) have all been featured and discussed during recent Round Table sessions.

Tin Cup Demonstration Portfolio (August 2018) by Mark Robertson Aug 01, 2018

Tin Cup approaches all-time highs again. We accumulate CVS Health (CVS) and place Qualcomm (QCOM) squarely on the challenge hot seat.