Expected Returns, July 2016

We’ve long believed that the collection of findings and recommendations in the Individual Investors Manual represent the wisdom of 50 years of successful investing with much of the content supplied by George Nicholson.

Nicholson’s Triple Play by Mark Robertson Jul 31, 2016

The triple play possibility occurs when you find a stock that is very depressed in price and also appears to be on the verge of substantially boosting its profit margins.

Robert Half by Mark Robertson Jul 31, 2016

RHI is the largest specialized provider of temporary and permanent personnel in the fields of finance and accounting.

Sector GPS Dashboard Gone Equal by Mark Robertson Jul 31, 2016

So little time ... where to shop?

Sweet Sixteen by Mark Robertson Jul 26, 2016

This month features the top percentile of all stocks covered at Manifest Investing on the basis of a combination of return forecasts and quality.

Tin Cup Demonstration Portfolio by Mark Robertson Jul 07, 2016

Add Mesa Labs (MLAB)

Consolidated-Tomoka Land by Ken Kavula Jul 31, 2016

We like the idea of hunting down some actionable ideas among the most successful investors on our radar screen — seeking companies that aren’t on too many radar screens, yet.

Manifest 40 Update by Mark Robertson Jul 31, 2016

Our MANIFEST 40 is a celebration of collective excellence in stock selection, strategy and disciplined patience.