Expected Returns, June 2016

The quest for excellent small companies never ends. From Bio-Reference Labs to NavTeq to Buffalo Wild Wings … growth succeeds. We believe that we deliver maximum value when we expose actionable ideas for consideration and analysis. Check out our weekly updates on the Forum as we sift for suitable nuggets.

Go Small Or Go Home by Mark Robertson Jun 01, 2016

One of our touchstones is that all-of-the-above investing makes it more likely that your long-term investing experience will be successful and rewarding.

Computer Programs & Sys by Mark Robertson Jun 01, 2016

CPSI has kept their head down, eschewing battles with the big dogs while entrenching their systems with 950 clients spread over 49 states.

Return of Guggenheim (Small and Mid-Cap) by Mark Robertson Jun 01, 2016

Long-time subscribers will remember when we used to feature a blend of equally-weighted exchange traded funds as a potential proxy for the Value Line Arithmetic Average of 1700 stocks.

Best Prices Vs. Fair Value: Morningstar by Mark Robertson Jun 01, 2016

Is the market cheap or expensive? We don’t really pay much attention to this, instead rendering that same opinion on a stock-by-stock basis as we hunt for quality companies at bargain prices.

Tin Cup Model Portfolio by Mark Robertson Jun 01, 2016

Accumulate Proto Labs (PRLB)